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just a bump so the account doesn't get deleted.

World Pillow Fight Day 2010
World Pillow Fight Day is almost upon us! April 3rd is the date, and the Chicago location will be announced in the next couple days.
We can always use volunteers for cleanup, too!

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/pillowfightchicago

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8880034577

International: http://www.pillowfightday.com/

Violently Short Fiction! : Brainstormer Challenge!
This is an official Challenge to all my writerly and creative friends (and anyone else who happens to wander by and wants to participate).

1) Go to the Brainstormer and give it a spin!
2) Write a nanoflashy bit o' fiction (101 words! Exactly!) that features all three of the elements that came up on your spin, AND (this part is important) features violence as a primary theme. (This is VSF! after all!)
3) Post it on your blag, with a link to this post.
4) Comment on this post, with a link to your blag post. (Feel free to use those built-in pingbacky doodads or whatever for steps 3 & 4 if you wish).
5) Go read everyone else's entries and say nice things about them.
6) I am not a number! I'm a free man!
7) This challenge has no expiration date, so if you run across it some time next year, feel free to give 'er a whack!

Now, get to it!

(Brainstormer courtesy of Distraction Beast!)

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I may or may not keep doing this sort of thing. Those of my friends who are here can damn well find me, since I take the time to find them. Everybody else... well, I only care about you on alternating days.

Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road...
So, for any of my peeps on LJ that are interested in following my exploits or whatever, I am currently blagging over at WordPress.

Some recent entries: 
Feel free to come see what pointless meanderings I've been up to lately, and leave any such comments as you feel appropriate. Like "Dude, what's with all the monkeys?"

Ta ta for now ^_^


Sorry, LJ...
but it looks like I'm going with WordPress for now.

I'll hang on to my account here, since I have several friends on LJ whose blags I wish to comment on.

If anyone wants to follow me, I'll be here.

(that's http://mindspoon.wordpress.com in case the link doesn't work for some reason.)

Don LaFontaine is doing movie trailers in the afterlife, but this guy...
...is still making shit up right here.
(imported (sort of) from JournalSpace)
(originally posted 11/22/08)

The next entry will be a test in which I will import a recent entry from Google's cache of my JS blag. We'll see how well LJ handles it.
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JournalSpace refugee seeks new home...

I'm considering LJ for salvaging the ruins of my JournalSpace blag... for those who don't know, JS was utterly destroyed, probably by sabotage. So there are a lot of us "JS refugees" wandering the blagosphere, looking for a new home.

This is just one of the ones I'm looking at. I suppose, if anyone happens to stumble across this, and has any advice on the pros and cons of LJ, or any other site, feel free to comment.




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